Why Dovpo Topside Dual is the best squonk mod

Why Dovpo Topside Dual is the best squonk mod

The Dovpo Topside Dual is an extraordinary innovation to the world of vaping. A good number of online reviews and a handful of vape reviewing channels on Youtube can’t help but feature Dovpo topside dual in their content owing to several reasons.

For a squonk mod that has an uncountable amount of thumbs up from vapers, people who haven’t tried Dovpo Topside Dual are tempted to give it a shot. That’s why we decided to throw some light on what makes it a top choice in the market.

The story behind this innovation

The idea behind Topside Dual squonk mod was conceived in 2018 by Brian from The Vapor Chronicles on YouTube. Brian, who is also known to have pioneered digiflavor Drop RDA and Profile Unity RTA, partnered with Dovpo to create this masterpiece vape gear because he believes convenience and simplicity are highly essential. That’s why Dovpo Topside Dual is a simple vape device for the advanced vaper.

How it works

Just like any other squonk mod, Dovpo Topside Dual works with an in-built squeeze bottle system. This mod removes the need for dripping by transforming a bottle into a tank for your atomizer. All you have to do is to press the bottle and vape after your wick is saturated. And that’s how to squonk.

Dovpo Topside Dual Features

Your Dovpo Topside Dual mod kit comes with –

2 18650 batteries

200w of regulated power

Top-fill squonk bottle

10ml capacity bottle

Unique features and functionalities of Dovpo Topside dual


Dovpo Topside dual is neatly cut out of zinc alloy. It comes with a solid build and a curvy body shape as well as a convenient top-filled design. What’s more? It guarantees easy filling without leaking. Topside dual features 0.96-inch display and a micro USB charging port that allows for fast recharges whenever your battery is running out of juice.

Power and performance

Topside Dual’s battery efficiency is out of this world. Not only is it capable of firing up to 200W, but Topside Dual mod is also built to offer more power for vapers who enjoy squonking with lower resistance makes. And if you run out of power, you get to enjoy the luxury of falling back to the second battery, each of which has a capacity of 18650.

How it feels squonking the Dovpo Topside Dual

The experience you enjoy from squonking Dovpo Topside dual is out of this world. It combines convenience and simplicity into one squonk mod. Indeed, it is a simple vape device for advanced vapers.

Is there any better squonk mod kit that offers more vapor delivery than Dovpo Topside Dual? Let us know your opinion in the comment section.


  1. Are squonk mods good?

I think so, when it comes to vape mods, a great device is more than just good looks. The sqounk mods can hole a big capacity of e-juice with a easy fillling system, really convenient for me.

  1. Can I use a regular tank on a squonk mod?

To squonk you have to use an RDA. There are no tanks that can be used with a bottom feeding mod, so unless you drip, squonking isn’t for you.

  1. Where is the best online store to buy squonk mod in the UK?

NewVaping is the leading vape store in the UK. They offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.

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