Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO, the Best Vaping Kit in the UK

Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO, the Best Vaping Kit in the UK

When you begin vaping for the very first times, the number of kits available to choose from can be mesmerizing. Over the last few years, vaping has come a long way, and thanks to technological advancements, even more different kinds of vape kits are being introduced.

So how do know which vaping kit to choose from?

Evey vaping kit varies, and there is certainly no ‘one-size’ fits all kind. Some will be great for a particular style of vaping, so it is important to know your style. There’s however a particular vaping kit we consider great for most (if not all) vaping styles.


Why is it the best in the UK?

Vandy Vape has delivered once again with its rebuildable AIO – the Kylin M AIO. Kylin AIO is a 70-watt device with a style similar to that of Billet Box. Even though a lot of vaping devices come with RBA heads of their own, the Vandy Vape Kylin AIO stands out with its mesh style deck.

The device looks like a min version of the Mesh V2 RDA deck or the Profile. Its mesh strips are smaller than those of the Vandy Vape Mesh V2 but pretty similar to those of the Profile. Users can also remove the device’s single coil build, or simply use the one with a pre-built coil.

This means users have three different options, as compared to just two from other rebuidable devices. But that is not all.

Vandy Vape’s Kylin AIO Kit fits the hand perfectly and feels solid. The fact it is heavy gives the impression that it is properly built. Its holographic-like finishes is the icing on the cake.

Then, there is the battery – Vandy Vape Kylin AIO has an external 18650 battery that is placed behind the panel. To remove this battery, a user has to only but pull the strap. Its excellent battery life means you can enjoy the device for three days without changing batteries, and that at just 45 watts, you could run a single fused Clapton coil.

Does all this mean there are not shortcomings?

Not really – although the shortcomings of the Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO Kit are not serious. Even though the device is great, it may not be the first choice for users that do MTL. It can be cut down, but the wide bore drip tip and honeycomb airflow just doesn’t suit MTL.

Pros and cons of Vandy Vape Kylin M AIO summarized


– It can be operated easily.

– Its pods and coils are easy to replace.

– It has a great flavor and comes with lots of extras.

– It doesn’t leak, has a waterproof PCB and a smooth airflow.

– It will comfortably fit into all pockets.

– It is nicely built with the right finishes.

– There are three different build options to choose from.


– May not be best for MTL.

– The polarity markers of its battery may be difficult to notice.

– Pairing with mesh or prebuilt coils may not be as satisfying.


Overall, the Vandy Vape Kylin AIO is a solid vaping kit for builders that like to play around with different builds and those looking for one that can easily fit in their pockets. Its quality and finishes are great, it offers varying options, and has a lot of accessories.

We totally recommend.

Q & A:

  1. Where is the best online store to buy vape juice in the UK?

Newvaping have more than 2000 e-liquids and offer free shipping on any orders over 45 pounds, and process most orders on the next working day of you placing them.

  1. How much are pod system?

Vape starter kits range in price from $12 to $70. You will find different types of pod systems with different budget.

  1. Is Pod system/pod mod better than mod kits?

Pod systems have many advantages over mod kits, such as portable and user-friendly. If you are an advanced vaper and prefer better vapour and more settings, then mod kits are better for you.

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