Review NJOY Ace Pod Device

A Wonderful Cigarette Alternative not to be missed

E-cigarettes are electronic devices that vaporize a liquid solution (e-liquid) to produce vapor, simulating the experience of smoking without the element of combustion. E-cigarettes are regarded as a reasonable alternative to tobacco, which has become more and more prevalent among the public. With so many different products congested in the market, it is so troublesome for the customers to choose a suitable one. Today I am going to review the NJOY Ace pod device, well-known for its premium design, performance, and technology. At the same time, I will compare it to other products for the purpose of helping you to make a better choice.

Specification and price

The NJOY Ace is a micro USB rechargeable pod device that comes with prefilled pods that have four different flavors: watermelon twist, blueberry, cool menthol, and classic tobacco. Talking about the price, the device itself sells for $34.99 and the pod price for one pack (one pack of pods which is two pods) is $9.99. It is 5% nicotine salt solution in these pods and the pod approximately should last about the equivalent to a pack of cigarettes.

Ergonomic Design

The NJOY Ace delivers ergonomic design, sustained battery life, and an elevated vaping experience. When it comes to ergonomic design, the device has a nice mat like a rubber which makes a more natural grip and feels really good in hands. It’s very smooth and easy to operate without extra buttons. The pods have a noticeably well-designed mouthpiece, which is about the size and fit of a normal cigarette.

Longer-lasting Experience

The NJOY Ace’s larger 1.9 mL pods were designed with size in mind and contain 200% more liquid than leading competitor pods. It has 325 puffs per pod, which should last you a full day on the condition that you are really obsessed with vaping. (But individual user experiences may vary.)

In contrast to JUUL’s 6-8 hours battery lives because of its small size, the NJOY Ace could last two to three days without charging. Compared to other e-cigarettes in the market, the NJOY Ace is more suitable for those who are prone to go for a long traveling or who don’t like recharge often.

Pod System

As known to all, the essence of the whole vaping device lies in the magnetic pod system that could prevent leaks and spills. The POD systems are equipped with cartridges that contain the coil, wick, and the e-juice, essentially everything you need. These portable systems are also more powerful. While a vape pen or cigar-like battery caps out at around 180mAh, ultra-portable devices can reach upwards of 300mAh. The NJOY Ace pods adopt the new vaping technology from FEELM that combines a metal film with a ceramic conductor, which is regarded as a breakthrough in Material and Structural Science and improves the flavor, leak-proof and vaporizing efficiency to another level. Compared to other products without using the FEELM technology, the NJOY Ace pods might give you a richer and smoother throat hit that you’ve never expected before.