Debunking 10 Common Vaping Myths

How do you understand which myths to believe with a grain of salt and which types to phone out as false? We’Re likely to support you out. Listed below are 10 common myths about vaping and why they’Re not true.

1. Vaping will result in using tobacco among teens

Various opponents of vaping talk about how vaping will lead teenagers to smoke cigarettes actual cigarettes later. Essentially, the CDC itself possesses debunked this myth. The Centers for Disease Control confirmed that increased usage of e-cigs in teenagers did not translate to a rise in smoking rates.

2. E-liquids contain chemical substances like formaldehyde and ethylene glycol (antifreeze)

Nope. Examine your e-juice bottle. The common pieces in e-juice are vegetable glycol (VG) and propylene glycol, flavorings, and sometimes, nicotine. The formaldehyde myth comes from a ‘study’ where in fact the vaporizer was permitted to run so popular that it burned the liquid and generated the chemical, that is a highly-uncommon occurrence among vapers.

3. Second-hand vapor contains the same quantity of nicotine as standard cigarettes

Another myth is going to be debunked, this time around by a tobacco company. Lorillard Tobacco Enterprise compared the amount of carcinogens and nicotine in second-hand cigarette smoke to the amount of carcinogens and nicotine in second-palm e-cigarette vapor. The analysis discovered that exhaled vapor included the same quantity of carcinogens as ambient air flow. The degrees of nicotine in vapor had been negligible.

4. Vapes are suitable only for experienced users

False. From pen style products to the extra intricate mods, virtually all vapes are simple to use, also for a newbie. The only exception is normally mechanical mods and custom made or self-designed coils, which do require intimate knowledge of how a vaporizer works, battery desires, and Ohm’s law.

5. Vaping doesn’t help persons quit smoking

False. Actually, many vapers have efficiently at least cut back, if not entirely quit smoking traditional smoking cigarettes. In a survey of 2,000 current and former smokers, 92% reported that an e-cigarette helped them to give up. Another study showed among former smokers, 76% were using e-cigarettes daily. Of these, 98% were still using vapes after one month and 89% after twelve months. Only 6% experienced relapsed to smoking after per month and 6% relapsed after one year.

6. Vaping is harmful

There are many worldwide studies being conducted worldwide on the safety of vaping. Pro Well being England, which can be an organization of the Section of Health in the United Kingdom, said that e-cigarettes happen to be up to 95% less harmful than cigarettes. The problem is based on that many of the pro-vaping analyses don’t get the same media interest as those linking it to harm.

7. Vaping is normally more expensive than cigarette smoking

Again, that is another myth which can be proven false simply by doing the mathematics. With cigarette rates varying from express to convey and brand to manufacturer, it really is hard to estimate the amount of cheaper vaping is than traditional cigarettes. Actually, some websites have calculators that can show you just how much you’Re keeping and there are possibly apps for your smartphone dedicated to calculating your cost savings by vaping versus cigarette smoking.

8. E-cigarettes are not regulated

Actually, that one was true until this past year. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration offers since think of a long list of regulations for the makers of vapes and vape juice to check out. This has nearly assured that those making vape goods are giving us top quality devices and juices.

9. Vaping causes excess weight gain

Again, that is another myth that lots of smokers use just as an ‘excuse’ to keep from quitting. While many persons associate smoking cigarettes cessation with fat gain - usually because of many smokers consuming more to retain their mouths ‘busy’, the excess weight gain that accompanies smoking cigarettes cessation can’t be attributed to vaping any longer than it can be attributed to using nicotine gum or the patch.

10. E-smoking cigarettes and analog cigarettes will be the same

Nope. ‘Analog’ cigarettes refer to classic paper and tobacco rolled smoking cigarettes. E-cigarettes are an electric device that heats either an oil, a dry herb, or an e-juice until it makes a vapor, which is normally then inhaled.

These are simply a few of the most common myths circulating about vaping. We trust that has debunked an excellent little bit of the misinformation that’s floating around out there.