Best Vaping Kit in the UK Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit

Best Vaping Kit in the UK Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit

The vaping universe has experienced a tremendous overflow of technological advancements, and the coming years seem quite promising for vapers around the globe. Currently, online stores and various global markets are littered with various e-cigarettes and other vaping technological products.

However, given the availability of technologically inclined vaping systems, traditional cigarette smoking is gradually fading away. There are lots of vaping systems and e-cigarettes available on the market, but won’t it be best for you to go for one of exceptional quality?

Introduction of the Aegis Legend Kit

The Geekvape Aegis Legend Mod Kit is the best vaping system on the market due to its exquisite features and unique design. It features the Aegis Legend box mod and the new Aero Mesh sub-ohm tank.

The Aegis Legend Kit comes with a powerful box mod that is suitable for all weather conditions, and it is impervious to dust and water. More so, it is shock-proof, and it operates with a high-end AS chipset which controls the temperature.

Aegis Legend Battery

This unique vaping kit design is quite portable, durable, and is compatible with dual 18650 batteries. So, if you are looking for a vaping kit that you can easily use, and runs on extreme power, Aegis Legend Kit is the solution!

Aegis Legend Build Quality and Design

What’s more, the Aegis Legend Kit operates with an advanced AS chipset that powers up to 200 watts and it has a colored OLED screen that is stable, fast, and extremely powerful.

This unique vaping kit is sleek, and its durability is a result of the alloy steel, high-grade silicon, and leather that it is designed with. It is simply the best among various vaping kits on the market. Yes, its amazing features allow for enhanced user experience.

Moreover, the Aegis Legend Kit is equipped with a USB port (micro) for charging and for also updating the firmware. It also comes in different colors, such as steel, Nero-Arancio, snakeskin, camo, and black. All you need to do is to pick the color that appeals more to you.

Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit Review

Vaping is an activity that many people around the globe enjoy. Thankfully, the recent release of the Aegis Legend Kit has given vapers a whole new vaping experience. As earlier mentioned, the Aegis Legend Kit is the best vaping kit on the market right now!

Furthermore, you can use it regardless of whether you are new at vaping, or you are a pro, it is much safer in health as opposed to regular cigarette smoking, and you can easily use it anywhere and anytime.

Q&A of the Geekvape Aegis Legend Kit

  1. What is the Best Coil for Aegis Legend?

There are two coil options – a 0.2 ohm mesh coil and a 0.15 ohm quad coil. Both coils do best at the 60 to 80 watt range.

  1. What Tanks are Compatible with Aegis Legend Mod?

All of the 510 connector tank will work on the Legend. You can use either MTL tank or DTL tank on the Legend box mod. I suggest the Innokin Zenith tank for MTL vape. For a DTL sub-ohm tank, I prefer the original Uwell Crown tank.

  1. How long do the legend coils last?

Generally, the coils will last between one to two weeks. It can be extended if you practice good maintenance procedures during usage.

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